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Upgrades and Modifications / QS10.0 First Mods
October 29, 2017, 06:02:10 PM
1) Camco Single LP Tank Cover and battery disconnect switch.
After doing a lot of research on the QS 10.0 camper model I decided it was a great fit for me and my TV, and since none were to be found on any dealer lot within 1000 miles of me and none with all of the options I wanted, I ordered one to be built. Just having taken delivery and spending a week with it I am not happy to report the following unannounced changes were made in the 2018 model:

1) the aluminum floor has been replaced with a monolithic composite floor, which doesn't sound bad until you step on it and feel it sag under your weight.. I weigh a modest 175lbs and my 105lb wife reports the same for her... you can definitely feel where the frame supports are and aren't when stepping on this floor. Also the floor dents easily.. after one trip i can already see permanent depressions in the floor where the top cabinet screws have dented the floor when in travel position. Not sure this flooring has enough support and is durable enough for this camper.
2) the dinette bench next to the divider wall now has a cut out in the bottom to fit over what appear to be larger wheel wells and is screwed to the floor! One of the selling points of the QS 10 was you could take the entire dinette outside... no more! and so much for the idea of using that bench as a cooler...
3) the divider wall trim cap is now a flat metal strip and is too wide for the divider wall and the overhanging metal edge is against the seat cushion on the screwed down bench.. not sure how long before it cuts the cushion.
4) unmoveable screwed down bench is too close to opposite bench so that table does not sit flat between them.. any weight on the canted table causes it to crash to the floor rendering it unusable as a sleeping platform.
5) the 12v round plug in the charging center is gone leaving only 2 usb ports... how do you plug in a 12v cooler now?
6) bed pole storage tube is now mounted diagonally under the frame which is ok on right side since frame there is slanted but on other side frame is straight so only one of two plastic mounting ears is bolted to frame.. I'm sure this plastic mount will crack over time due to flex.. needs a mounting bracket on the frame at that point to firmly secure the tube to frame.

Various other build issues noted, such as using too long of screws in the side bench top so they poke thru the padding and feel like nails when sitting on bench (i replaced all with shorter ones that dont extend thru seat base)

I do like the roominess of the camper and it travels well behind my car, even fully loaded.. but I can't say I'm happy with the changes noted above.. inquiry sent to LL and KZ about the saggy floor.. waiting on response.