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We have decided to sale our travel trailer which we have thoroughly enjoyed.  My family has decided to buy a motorhome so the trailer and TV are up for sale.  $24,500

Please see the links below for pictures.

2018 Livin Lite Camplite 21BHS Travel Trailer

All aluminum travel trailer in excellent condition.  Structure is all aluminum including the skin and inside cabinets.  This trailer is built to be rot proof with aluminum and composite (azdel) construction.  Only thing made from wood is the kitchen drawers.   Very lightweight at 3600lbs.


Aluminum package
3 Fantastic Fan air vents
3 Maxx Air vent covers
Custom cargo carrier
Tongue mounted toolbox
3 bike rack
Upgraded battery charger IOTA DLS 30amp
100ah Renogy AGM battery
External gas line
Power tongue jack
Outdoor shower
Voyager Backup camera - includes monitor for tow vehicle
Will include Anderson Weight distribution hitch
6-Sided Aluminum Superstructure w/ Composite Material throughout (water & mold resistant)
Laminated Floor – 1 7/8" Thick w/Fiberglass, Block Foam & Composite Material (R9 insulation)
Vacuum-Bonded Walls Laminated w/Composite Material 3-Tier Glue Process (stronger & more durable)
Insulated Walls, Roof & Cap
Alpha Superflex® Roof w/12-Year Warranty (more durable, less chalking & streaking)
Bathroom Fantastic Fan and Kitchen exhaust fan (both have vent covers for all season use)
Wide-Track Dexter Leaf Spring Axles w/MORryde® Suspension
Auto-Adjusting Brakes w/EasyLube® Axles
Slideout Topper Awning
Dual-Pane Euro Windows w/Built-In Night Shades/Screens (double-acrylic tinted that open 90 degrees)
26 Gallon Fresh Tank
26 Gallon Grey Tank
32 Gallon Black Tank w/ external Flush
Detachable 30 AMP Marine Grade Power Cord
205/75R14 D rated (8 ply / 65 PSI) Radial Tires
14" High-Polished Aluminum Rims
Gutter w/Downspouts
Gutters above Slideouts
Pre-Wired Solar (10a)
Cable/Satellite Prep
(2) Blue LED Lighted Exterior Speakers
High Efficiency LED Lights
Hot/Cold Exterior Shower
Porcelain Foot Flush Toilet
60x80 Mattress w/ Gas strut supported under bed storage
6 GAL Gas/Electric DSI Water Heater
Dometic 6 Cu/Ft Double Door Fridge (LP/Electric)
Convection Microwave
2 burner flush mount stove w/ glass cooktop cover
All aluminum kitchen cabinets
Full Size 205/75R14 D rated Spare Tire
13.5K BTU Dometic A/C

My wife wanted an easier way to get to the storage area under the bunk.  Moving the mattress and lid was pain for regular access so I added a hinge and some gas struts and now access is waaay easier.   Note, I had to go with 4 struts for it to be strong enough to lift the lid plus the mattress/sheets/comforter on top.  I also cut another 2" hole on the side to make it easy to lift up.

Our 2018 21BHS has the issue with the wheel wells leaking.  I've tried fixing this with some undercoating spray but there is still some getting in.  Does anyone know what type of "rubbery" sealant is put on at the factory?  It almost looks like something brushed on as it is super thick and flexible..
Trying to figure out what type of cap this is that goes on the hot/cold water drain.  It's a 1/2" threaded cap with a gasket in it...  I haven't been able to find anything like it though...

Does anyone know who makes this or where I can buy it as I need another one? 
Just curious who makes this tank as there aren't any names stamped on it from what I can see...
Upgrades and Modifications / Custom cargo carrier
April 23, 2017, 02:44:07 PM
Yesterday my buddy helped me weld the bumper reinforcement on and helped with welding on the cargo carrier.  I took a stock cargo carrier from Sportsman Warehouse and cut off about 7" of the steel tube, then welded a baseplate on so that the carrier will sit directly on top of the bumper as much as possible.  And then added a little custom touch on the other end of the tube. :)

The only other thing I might do is add some sort of aluminum block on each end that way the weight on the ends is transferred directly to the bumper.

Any feedback/concerns are greatly appreciated!

While on vacation last week we found that in our 36 gallon freshwater tank only the top 2/3rds is usable.  The way the draw is configured the pump starts sucking air when you get below 2/3rds.  This leaves a huge amount of water in the tank which is useless.  I've not yet checked but I'm guessing you can't drain all of the water from the tank either since the drain is also mounted on the side of the tank.

Has anyone else experienced and/or have any ideas on how to resolve?
I just got home to WA state after travelling to Iowa to pick up our 21BHS.  In general we really like the trailer but there is plenty of sloppy workmanship that would make you question spending 30K on a trailer.

For example:

  • The license plate holder is in a place that is TOTALLY UNUSABLE (see pic below).  .
  • Water was leaking through the wheel wells where sealant was missing.
  • one of the access door latches was barely screwed on and it seems to have come apart enough to not work quite correctly, even after I tightened it up. 
  • Trim in the bathroom is coming off where it doesn't appear to be attached correctly. 

Like I said, in general it seems pretty good but there are plenty of little things to make you wonder if anyone is actually checking the quality of these things.  I have no idea how I'm going to get the license plate on without moving the bracket and leaving a bunch of holes.  :(
We were supposed to pick up our travel trailer 2 weeks ago from the dealer but as of minutes ago the trailer is still sitting on the FACTORY LOT.  I normally wouldn't be so aggravated but we were assured when we ordered this thing right after Christmas that we would be able to get it my Mid-March at the absolute latest.  So we planned a huge trip that starts next week thinking 3 extra weeks would be plenty of time in case things ran a little late.

I've spoken to my dealer several times and early last week they told him the trailer had shipped.  Today they told him the trailer hasn't actually shipped yet, meanwhile he is receiving trailers that he ordered AFTER ours was ordered.

My wife is so upset I'm about to drive to friggin Indiana to see if I can take it to my dealer myself so our trip isn't ruined. :(

Sorry for ranting...  it's just frustrating my dealer can't even get a straight answer and we can get this trailer delivered anywhere near the time it was supposed to be.
CampLite Travel Trailers / Off road kit for 21BHS
March 10, 2017, 03:04:43 PM
I know Livin Lite doesn't offer this anymore but are there any major downsides to putting on the Dexter lift-kit and larger tires?  We do quite a bit of camping on national forest land where a little extra clearance could really help.  I don't plan on doing this anytime soon, mainly just curious if there are "technical" issues why doing this is bad...
Just curious how many campers/trailers Livin Lite is able to produce each day on average?  And do they ship out quickly once they are ready?
Hi All, I'n hopefully picking up our new 21BHS in 2 weeks (supposed to be off the assembly line on the 7th!).  One of the first things I want to add is a rear view camera.

Does anyone have any recommendations on attaching the camera to the top of trailer?  E.g. is there any adhesive that would bond well with the rubber roof or do I need to screw it into the alum frame?

Any thoughts greatly appreciated!
CampLite Travel Trailers / Coupler height for 21BHS?
February 21, 2017, 11:25:47 AM
Does anyone happen to know the coupler height for a 21BHS/RBS?  I assume it's probably the same for all of their trailers...  I'm about to make a cross country trek to pick up our trailer and want to make sure I have enough drop for our hitch.

Hi All, we do a ton of boondocking and am trying to figure out whether to go with 2 6v batteries or 2 12v batteries.  My dealer spoke to someone at LivinLite and they mentioned the 6v battery wires can get very hot when one battery runs down.

Does anyone have experience or advice with this?  I've read quite a bit online and most people tend to think 2 6v batteries are better but I haven't seen what the cons are for using 6v instead...
I saw a 21RBS someone just took delivery of and it came with a dual battery box, dual wardrobes over the queen bed and an external gas line hookup.

Is this standard on all of the ones being built now?  I sure hope so because I ordered a 21BHS about 5 weeks ago!

Forum Recommendations / Tapatalk?
January 14, 2017, 09:47:47 PM
Is Tapatalk enabled for this forum?  I can't seem to get it registered in tapatalk.
CampLite Travel Trailers / Arvika bike rack
January 06, 2017, 11:09:46 AM
Does anyone have any experience with the Arvika bike racks?  I'm considering purchasing one to carry bikes on the front of our trailer but hoping to find someone that has personal experience with them first.. (they are super pricey)
New Members / Glad to see this site online!!
January 05, 2017, 03:02:33 PM
I haven't gotten my trailer yet but it's ordered... glad to see Livin Lite bring this site back online.

And please ACF, spare me your comments on checking out the other, far superior, more helpful site... I'm already registered there.