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On my TC the insert nuts can be accessed, but on further review rearranging the brackets isn't possible because the bolt pattern won't line up when they are reversed.

Rieco Titan can't supply undrilled brackets, so I would have to drill a set that would end up looking like swiss cheese to remount them.

Dan, can you say what the sealer is anyway for future reference?
I contacted Rieco Titan to ask about remounting the corner jack brackets so that the jacks protrude to the front and rear rather than the sides.  This will make the rig noticeably narrower and improve visibility with the side mirrors.  Rieco Titan said this is the way they used to be mounted until truck fenders got wider so now they are typically mounted to the side.  There is no other reason that they have to be mounted one way or the other, and it's fine to change them as long as the truck allows.

Could someone from Livin' Lite post the sealer that's between the brackets and camper so that I can have some on hand if I decide to do this?  Mine is a 2016 Ford 8.6 with black sealer.

Any other comments on why this is or isn't a good idea?
The coax running to my radio from the back of the antenna booster is broken in my camper.  I had to run a new one, now everything works fine.  It was less hassle to spend an evening doing it myself than involve the dealer.
I was missing something.  If you short press the power switch you get the blue LED.  If you long press the power switch you get a nice warm reading light.
Can someone explain why the cabover reading lights in my Ford 8.6 TC are blue LEDs?  This doesn't seem useful to me but maybe I am missing something.