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Hello folks.  I see one of these TC10's for 16K near me and wondered if the truck campers shared the same construction history as the trailers.  Or what construction changes have occurred and when?

Ive read early 2016 trailer models were the last all aluminum exterior (roof/walls/floor).

Is this correct for the truck campers too?  And next question, is how do I know if the camper I'm looking at is early or late 2016.. lol


General Q & A / Is delamination a issue?
December 30, 2018, 08:01:00 PM
Hi everyone.

Another Camplite came up on my radar and I'm wondering if Livin Lite's 16DB walls were vacuum bonded, mainly the luan part.. Or did they bond aluminum to the foam and frame with a indissoluble glue?

Hello everyone..   :)

I posted here a year ago disappointed about the challenger door blistering problem which led me away from camplite's.   But I'm back, because Iv been searching for a rare 7x16 "narrow track" enclosed trailer to convert into a overland trailer, but it looks like camplite's are all ready a narrow track design and its just a door problem? Right?
Narrow track trailers are 7' wide with the wheels under in wheel wells, instead of outside in fenders.    This narrow track feature is important to me, because I don't want the trailer any wider than my truck on the narrow forest service roads I plan to travel on..

Anyway.  Has anyone taken their camplite's on bumpy rutty forest service roads? How do they hold up?  Wash boarded roads really tear vehicles and trailers up.

  I'm considering a short 11-13' camplite, and would set it on a new longer frame for my motorcycle on the back and bigger water tank on the extended tongue.

Should I keep looking for a narrow track enclosed trailer with the ramp door I really want?   Or do you think a camplite might work out well if I put it on a new frame and axle?