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Many NFT gaming marketplaces make use of avatars to represent the player in the virtual world. With the Metaverse close at hand, one will need similar avatars to enter this world. But there is always the possibility that one avatar is identical to another. Enter NFT avatars. NFT avatars are completely unique and have the potential to be highly customizable. Additionally, this allows for greater expression of individuality. NFT avatars can be bought on certain platforms like OpenSea. But you can also mint your own avatar using NFT avatar generators and Metaverse avatar apps like MiT Avatars and Zepeto.

And an even more amazing feature that's up and coming is the ability to dress up your avatars. Fashion brands are already working on wearables for your Metaverse avatars, and for all we know, there might even be stores in the Metaverse for all your avatar clothing needs! Sounds great, doesn't it?!