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For Sale / Re: Wanted 16TBS or 21RBS
April 26, 2018, 07:39:39 PM
I just listed a 2018 21RBS:
Selling our like new CL21RBS with many upgrades above standard model. Includes a $600 Blue Ox Stabilizing/Load Leveling Hitch, Fully carpeted ($250), 7 foot sewer hose storage tubes (2), full trailer current surge protector / load monitor ($400), Off road package (raises trailer a few more inches for better ground clearance plus provides higher rated 15" wheels / tires vs stock 14"), two 30 lb propane tanks (vs standard 20 lb), two coats NuFinish wax to exterior, deluxe cover ($350), large custom table (in addition to standard table ($150), all appliance vents / intakes screened to abate insect intrusion ($125). Stored in-doors her first winter. Used only 4 times, extremely well cared for.  Exterior silver over black; Interior tan walls with medium brown wooden cabinetry. Call Larry @ 336-755-2100 or 910-581-6623 for photos, more details, etc. Asking $27,500; a substantial $$ savings VS new units. List price was $38,000+ and upgrades listed above total about $1875 additional. Thanks for looking, Take Care and God Bless You!
I agree with DavidM's analysis completely. This would particularly be likely if you had been running solo on battery power so that battery was significantly discharged and then went to shore power shortly before turning on the outdoor lights. I don't think you have anything to worry about. 
CampLite Travel Trailers / Re: 2018 CL 21 RBS review
December 25, 2017, 12:29:54 PM
Concerning pricing, we ordered our CL21RBS with just about all the options. We shopped hard and were willing to travel considerable distance to pick up the new trailer. Asking prices ranged all over the map for a unit listing around $38K. Some dealers were more willing to discount than others, but in the end we found one willing to do a $10K mark down. Could have done a little better for a left over (last year's model) unit, but wanted specific options & considering immediate depreciation of year old new unit, went with ordering current model.

May be some con's to not buying local... but thus far we haven't found any with our trailer. CL has been reported as good for reimbursing warranty issues, even at non-CL dealers so long as reasonable / reputable. Our unit didn't have any major issues, so no first hand experience on this. We did have a few relatively small issues which I addressed myself.

Back to pricing... this is my opinion only. Thor has made some revisions to CL's which are purported not to impact durability, yet certainly appear to me to have reduced manufacturing cost. Therefore, I suspect higher discounts may be a bit easier to get on recently built units than was the case for pre-2017 models.
We are very happy with our 2018, but have only had it about a year.... too early to tell for sure whether CL's reputation for durability has been negatively impacted by manufacturing changes. I expect no or minimal negative impact.... but only time will tell. New CL's are a tough, well built trailer in my opinion based on limited experience thus far.
Dan probably will see it, but to be certain of getting his input, you should be able to send him a direct inquiry. Go to top of screen and pull "My Messages" down. Select "Send A Message" and type in Dan's name along with your inquiry.

May God bless you and your Family this Thanksgiving and always! I hope you end up with a Camplite and enjoy yours as much as we do our CL21RBS. Perhaps we will cross trails at a campground in the future!
Best person to answer your wood questions would probably be Dan Miller - he is a long time Camplite employee who is very helpful and is moderator for this forum.

My understanding so far as flooring goes is that the new composite floors contain no wood and of course aluminum floors on older units don't either. I don't think either style roof, aluminum or membrane contain wood either. Your concern about cabinetry is well founded. I think trailers equipped with the optional aluminum cabinet door package do not have wood in their construction. Please verify all this with Dan Miller.

Hope this helps, take care & God Bless!
Is anyone else having poor experience with the DRIVE Entertainment System in their Camplite? Our original unit (<2 months old, used maybe 10 times) stopped playing DVD's in color. Tried several DVD's including a new one. DRIVE Tech Service was responsive in suggesting corrective actions, I followed up on all of them but unfortunately none resolved problem. They also promptly sent a replacement unit on my call back notification original unit still wouldn't do color. The replacement played fine for a few weeks, then started freezing up on DVD's.... short pauses at first but gets progressively longer as play trys to continue. Very frustrated!

Have we just been unlucky on two DRIVES in a row? Has anyone found a reliable replacement? Thanks!
CampLite Travel Trailers / Re: Storage
November 12, 2017, 06:28:51 PM
If you decide to go with a cover, take a look at Carver Covers. Google for suppliers. They are breathable and very tough with a 5 year warranty. I'm storing mine this winter since it is brand new, found a place for $80/month. Will be using a Carver after next season.
CampLite Travel Trailers / Re: Roof Weight Limit
November 12, 2017, 06:22:47 PM
Ditto others' on roof support. I installed fan covers on our CL21RBS membrane roof with no problem.
CampLite Travel Trailers / Re: Aluminum roof on a 2016?
October 30, 2017, 07:34:51 PM
What is warranty on the aluminum roof system? The new roof system is warranted for 10 years.
CampLite Travel Trailers / Re: WINTERIZING A CL21RBS
October 30, 2017, 07:29:57 PM
Concerning 7Thunders question about backflow through the pump, that is how water got in my fresh water tank. We never put any water intentionally into fresh water tank, only used shore water during our camping trips. However as noted in original post, water apparently did flow backward from discharge side of pump and into the fresh water tank. Glad I noticed the water level buildup in the tank and no way tank was originally configured to get this water out of tank.

Based on my experience, I would expect air would certainly blow back through pump similarly to water we experienced. My CL21RBS doesn't have an isolation valve on discharge side of pump to keep this from happening - I don't know about how other CL's may be set up. I was surprised how much water discharged when air purge initially flowed out of water piping at multiple points. If you have access to air compressor, air purging is easy to do and should reduce potential for freeze up. If air source is not available to you, I suggest generous antifreeze flow which should serve you well so long as enough is flowed to minimize risk of antifreeze dilution / reduced freeze protection.

Since I used the water pump to push antifreeze through entire water system, pump will certainly be protected the way I did it.

I agree with DavidM on grey & black water tank drain valve being left open with outlet cap off. May want to put a bucket under outlet...
I would be interested in meeting up with other Camp Lite owners, but not in Florida. Will be at Myrtle Beach State Park Campground May 24-31 if interested.  Happy Camping All!
CampLite Travel Trailers / WINTERIZING A CL21RBS
October 27, 2017, 09:18:00 AM
There are some good You Tube video's on winterizing RV's for do it yourself types. I took notes on the one I felt best fit my Camplite 21 RBS and customized it a little for my purposes. I suspect most CL RV's would be similar to this procedure as per attachment.  List looks intimidating, but should be pretty simple for average Do It Yourselfer. Antifreeze available at Walmart for <$3/gallon. I used 2 gallons. Important note: be careful not to cross thread fittings when installing components listed in attachment; could cause damage to pump and/or water heater.

One note, a frustrating issue concerning the fresh water tank drain. Livin Lite placed the drain valve for this tank on side of the tank instead of on bottom. If not properly addressed, this can leave about 1/8 of tank water filled; a possible place for water to freeze and perhaps crack tank. My tank has a sloped channel on bottom with a low point designed to draw all water from tank. I installed a drain at this low point so as to completely empty tank using 3/4" UNISEAL Flexible Tank Adapter (Bulkhead) available on Amazon.

Important note:
The floor is stable / holds mounting ring solid. There is movement between mounting ring and post / locking ring no matter how tight I get it. Movement is less the more it is tightened, but never able to get it acceptably stable. Use a strap wrench to maximize tightening. There is also movement around table top ring and post, no matter how much downward force we put on table.

Note we greatly reduced issue by making another table top set up as in pictures above. We have found this much more stable and more roomy for two persons.

Hope this helps.
Pictures of CL21RBS home made table top -
CampLite Travel Trailers / Re: Care of CampLite trailer
September 11, 2017, 02:45:01 PM
We have a 2016 Tundra with 5.7 liter V8. It has plenty of towing power / torque for towing anything Camp Lite builds and then some. In addition, it is equipped with their tow package which adds many features making towing much more safe, reliable, and convenient. These trucks have the quality and reliability you bought your 4-Runner for - don't think you would be disappointed in one.

Yes, you should wax your camper exterior. We have a new 2018 CL21RBS and just finished putting a coat of polymer based Nu Finish Liquid Car Polish on it's exposed aluminum surfaces. Will be putting a second coat on before winter, two coats are supposed to last a full year. I also recommend using 303 30350 Aerospace Protectant on exposed rubber and plastic surfaces (such as seals around pop-outs, door seals, tires, etc.). We use Boeshield waterproof lubricant on hinges, pop-out tracks, hitch moving parts, etc. Both are available on Amazon where you can read about them and decide if they are for you. We really like results of all these products thus far. Invest in a camper cover which "breaths" in order to minimize mildew / mold potential and moisture build up beneath cover. Also get one which fits tight and has adequate tie off provisions to minimize flopping around against camper during windy periods.

There are several threads on this forum about camper tires which you would be wise to read. They are perhaps on failure the highest risk component on trailers in my opinion, but are often not well cared for. A high speed blowout can cause serious accidents and often results in significant damage to wheel well area even if you don't wreck. Besides, changing a blown out tire along side a busy freeway can be hazardous as well as dampening your camping experience. Most campers are factory equipped with tires produced in China these days - questionable quailty to begin with, so warrant very close attention. Read up on tires online (load range ratings, ply ratings, impact of under inflation, what to look for during inspection, replacement suggestions, etc.) to understand what to do & don't do to minimize risk of tire failure. Under inflation leads to overheating the tires; a quick way to premature failure yet very easy to avoid with a tire gauge and TPMS equipment (tire pressure monitoring system like most newer cars are equipped with - for good reason). I think tire covers & taking weight off tire contact areas during parking, etc. are pale in comparison to addressing pointers noted above.

Hope this helps you enjoy your camper more and worry less about towing it... Take Care & God Bless!