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General Q & A / Andersen Hitch Triangle Plate
March 30, 2018, 08:41:26 PM
The triangle plate on our Andersen Hitch has bent. We called about replacing it and discovered there has been an upgrade to the plate. Ours is the old black plate. The upgraded plate is gray and not interchangable with the black plate. We were told we could try to locate a black plate for free as part of our warranty. Or we could purchase and upgrade kit for $100 (which includes several upgraded parts).

We have also noticed some play in the ball when it is hooked to the trailer. The man at Andersen said the new ball, ball housing, and cone in the upgrade kit might fix that problem too. Someone at an rv parts place said we probably need a new part on the trailer that goes over the ball - not sure what that is called, which costs about $50. Neither person has actually looked at our hitch to really determine the problem.

Has anyone has these issues with the Andersen? Has anyone purchased the upgrade kit?
CampLite Travel Trailers / Window Screens
March 30, 2018, 08:30:11 PM
My dog just put a hole in one of our Camplite trailer window screens. Can the screen be replaced?
General Q & A / Power Inverter
September 30, 2017, 06:40:16 PM
We recently purchased a portable solar kit so we can do more boondocking. We love the kit and it works great. Now we need a power inverter to run a few small AC appliances. I am looking at a 300 to 600 pure sine inverter. Our issue - we were hoping not to have to go to the trouble of mounting it, just using battery clips and somehow running them through a window to the kitchen counter inside for the few times we need it. I am finding, though, that most battery clip cables that come with inverters are about 2 feet long, which won't work. Frankly at this point my head is spinning and I need some guidance. We own a 14dbs Camplite. Any suggestions?
General Q & A / Vail Sport Tires
August 08, 2017, 05:32:27 PM
We purchased a Camplite 14dbs about two weeks ago. The trailer has Vail Sport tires on it that looked good. Dealer thought they were original to the trailer and said it hasn't been used much. We thought we had great tires for our extended travels.

Then last week one of the tires went flat apparently from a piece of glass. Had it plugged and then it went flat again. In the process of doing research on buying a new tire we found out the tires were recalled in 2014 due to possible crash dangers.

We have gotten the run around today from dealer and manufacturer concerning the recall. We are on the road with more miles to go so had no choice today but to find and buy new tires (one installed today and the rest tomorrow).

Did anyone else experience the Vail Sport recall? Any suggestions on how to proceed? We were told by the tire dealer to hang on to the old tires in case the recall is honored and we are reimbursed. It will be a challenge to travel in a small trailer with five old tires but we plan to do it for a while at this point. Thanks for any advice.
General Q & A / Cabinet above refrigerator
July 29, 2017, 09:43:41 PM
I have noticed that the cabinet above our refrigerator gets very warm. I presume this is because of the refrigerator running below. The food I have stored in the cabinet is getting pretty warm as a result. Has anyone come up with a fix for this to dissipate the heat?
General Q & A / How to hitch the Andersen hitch
July 23, 2017, 10:29:11 PM
Well as newbies we just had our first experience hitching our trailer to our new Andersen hitch. We watched them do it at the dealer and thought we were paying attention. Now we are debating whether the ball gets hooked up first and then the jack raised and the triangular piece with chains attached or the other way around - triangular piece before the ball. I found a video on YouTube that said it is ball first. But my husband swears the dealer showed us to do it the other way around. Can someone settle our debate?

Any tips on hitching up would also be appreciated. It took us quite a while to get it done. Thanks.
New Members / Just bought used 14dbs
July 20, 2017, 05:38:50 PM
Hello from Minnesota. We drove to illinois to get our first ever rv and chose a Camplite mainly because I can't tolerate the smell in other trailers. So far so good although we have only stayed in it one night.

My question that brought me to this forum. Last night we noticed our lights were flickering from time to time. We were plugged into electric at the campground. When we asked the service department about it today they said that is normal when running more than one electrical item. Is this correct? We are starting to fear it is a bad battery or convertor from other things we have read. The dealer said the battery was fine when we asked.

As an aside we endured a tornado warning our first night with the trailer. We were barely parked when the storm hit hard and furious. No jacks in place. So we rode it out in our truck pretty freaked out. What do others do in such situations?

Looking forward to communicating with you all Thanks for any guidance you can give us newbies.