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General Q & A / tow rating links?
June 03, 2017, 11:33:30 AM
Does anyone have a link to a site that has basic tow and gvwr ratings of trucks over a range of years and makes? I'm shopping for another TV and need to quickly look up info. It is getting tedious, seems each brand will lead you to someplace different that needs axle ratios, serial numbers and options. Since I'm going to be looking in the 'previously enjoyed' market i need a site that has basic ''09 ford f150 reg cab long box v-8 can tow between X lbs- Y lbs tongue weight Z lbs'. over a wide range of years and models.

It gets frustrating to see a candidate truck on kijiji then spend 5 minutes to look up that the old minivan could tow more. I don't trust asking a seller 'will it pull 5000+lbs and let me carry an atv without breathing heavy?'

On a side note, what the heck happened to pick ups? Seems like 80% are four doors with dinky little beds now, used to be the other way around. Hard to find a decent V-8, regular cab with an 8' box around here yet you can't throw a stick without hitting some V-6, 4 door, short box, family mover with 20" chromed wheels and a dance club sound system Maybe they put something in the milk nowadays, I dunno.
Woke up early yesterday, was going out to look at a seasonal park to put the trailer in. It's all pretty exciting, a new trailer (6x15TH) that i was going to use for travelling, and I came across a park that is right in the area where I go 'free' camping. Granted it's pretty far away, but I go there anyways and it would cost over 2 grand to store it in the big city where the park would be about 1,800 annually. So it's like a storage spot where I can sleep and have a campfire. Plus it's minutes to the area where I camp. Did I mention it's literally across the hwy from my favorite atv trails? Anyways, back to yesterday morning...

Got the thermos of coffee? Check. Smokes? Check. Oh yeah, bring the water jugs because I'm going to pass by the spring. GPS? Check. Ok, where's the van? The atv? And the trailer it was on? Gone. It took a few seconds to realize they were really gone. They left the bike and the kayak. And the wheel chocks...

The police weren't much help. A traffic cop not assigned to the case came by because he's on the search for some bike thieves, but they're taking sport bikes and mine is a plain jane KLR enduro, so yeah... too ugly to steal. He's just there because I reported the garage has cameras, but no, you can't see the video until monday because that guy is off for the weekend. The insurance people were ok, but again, no info until monday. Just enough time for me to assess the situation. What's the blue book on an '05 GMC safari? No, doesn't matter that it was in awesome shape with low mileage it's still an '05. Oh, that low? Well, the trailer WAS custom built... that has to count for something. Don't forget, you paid 3x as much as a box-store 4x8, you had to have a custom hot dip galvanized trailer that would last forever. What, 2 years ago? Yeah, sure they're gonna give top dollar for that. The quad? Again, almost brand new but it was a 'last year' model with a great out-the-door price and if I want the same basic make and model it's going to be 2-3 grand more than what the 'old' one was. I can't even remember what tools are now gone, just the simple things like straps, the wrench set, the tents and tarps... oh, I just remembered those stupid mosquito nets with the magnets for the early summer drive-ins that I forget where I got. At least I don't have to do the household insurance claim right away, they gave me a few days to get my head around what was taken.

So I guess that's just life in the big city. The report # was close to a million, so that means there's been well over 900,000 calls to report crimes in Toronto in '17, at least it wasn't 911 that needed to be called. And I didn't have to press 1 for an emergency claim when I called the insurance, the call was made in my living room, not at an accident scene. I feel bad about the theft, then I feel bad about feeling bad when there's so much shit going on in the world when all someone did was take some of my stuff. But it was MY stuff. And the SOB's could have at least left the f$%@ing paddle for the kayak.
New Members / hello from Ontario, Canada
May 20, 2017, 03:04:49 PM
Hi, my new 6x15 toy hauler was delivered! Just a few more things to complete the package. I'm planning a weekend at a camp near the dealer after a day dry run to ensure everything tows well. I figure a first run empty to ensure all hook ups and brakes work, then one with the atv to work out loading. The dealer has cheap storage, and since they're 1.5hr away it'll be good for the first year to sort out any issues under warranty. The first weekend camp will just be figuring out how everything works. Probably have lots of questions as I go along, this looks like a good site for answers.
My new 6x15 was just delivered and am looking forward to using it. Saw the replacement 7x18 online and hope it still gives the drop in weight from the 7x20 that the smaller trailer offered. My question is how many 6x15s were made in the last run, and how many were shipped to Canada? Every dealer I located last year had none and I was told that LL decided to axe it. The dealer that got back to me said a last small run would be made to clear parts inventory and they bought 6 or 7. I'm curious how rare it is as a last model, not for value but for a good campfire story.