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I lost mine while traveling across country. My fault I forgot to dog it down completely. The window must've ripped off on the highway. Any help would be greatly appreciated for a replacement new or used
I just came from an 8,500 mile trip around the US. Used the refrigerator the whole time. A couple fast things. The refrigerator does work well on automatic. I have a three-way. It would change by itself from AC to gas when I would plug it in or unplug it when traveling. Please note that on gas the refrigerator does not stay as cold. At least mine does not. After running for several days on gas you noticed that it is not as cold as it was on AC. It is also very good to cool down the refrigerator plugged in to AC about 24 hours before your trip. That way when you go from campsite to campsite you'll have a nice cold refrigerator.
Would be interesting to me. I have a live lite 13 trailer. I've had it less than a year I have traveled to Montana and Steamboat Springs from south Florida where I live.
I am thinking about selling my !3QBB. It is a 2013 all aluminum in very nice condition. If interested let me know. I am considering leaving on vacation shortly with it going to Colorado. So it gives you an idea what kind of condition it's in.
I have a 13QBB 2013 that I am thing about selling.. It is in excellent condition this is the all aluminum trailer I would be asking $13,999. If I do not sell it I'm going to be heading out to Colorado to take it for vacation. I'll be leaving from Florida.
General Q & A / Re: 2015 TBS wheel upgrade
July 26, 2021, 04:36:59 PM
I am buying a 13QBB 2013. I see the later models had bigger tires on it. I would like to put larger tires on the camper, 14" or 15" running on the highway and clearance in rougher terrain. If I needed to lift the camper a little how would I do that.