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I presume you have coil springs?  There are lots of spring assisters out there that work very well. Check these out from the uk.
Shooting blind here as I have a regular pull behind. On mine, I have to lay on the ground to get to my fresh water drain. It is simply a drain valve screwed directly on to the side of the white plastic fresh water tank. Mine also has the blue and red drain which are "low point" drains.
It could possibly be a defective tire, sounds odd but I've seen it before on a car. If a belt has snapped, missing a section or something similar, it could happen.
Gently push on the tv and pull the strap simultaneously,  this should take tension off the plunger and allow it to release. Once released, add a drop of oil to the plunger and it should be fine
CampLite Travel Trailers / Re: 2018 CL 21 RBS review
April 23, 2017, 01:17:58 PM
We bought a 2017 21bhs and can give a few opinions.  Firstly,  we tow with a Lexus gx470  which does a fantastic job and we don't use and kind of leveller or sway control.
We considered the couch but went with the dinette instead. The single pole table isn't quite as stable as the free standing table of the couch model but the dinette makes a far more comfortable bed and seats 4 easily for dinner.
D&H rv in Apex NC. They have been truly outstanding!  We did have poor tv reception on an early trip but D&h diagnosed and fixed it within a day or so. Their sales and service departments are both fantastic.
Congratulations!  We bought a 2017 21bhs just before Christmas and have had ZERO disappointments.
I think all of the license plate holders are the same. I just drilled some small holes through the slots in the holder  and used some stainless self tapping screws with silicone sealant. I know this means drilling in to the camper but there are plenty of other holes successfully drilled and sealed from the factory. The good news is that it will not flap around or get bent on things like some other trailers with "hanging tags"

I believe so. I bought the 30 x 75 size which worked fine also. Mattresses are hard to precisely measure.
Try ebay. I bought some rv bedding that actually came from India. It was delivered in less than 10 days and works great. Regular queen bedding for the master bed works perfectly. See link below. I believe we bought the 30x75 but I'd measure to be sure.
Adventures / Re: Koa at Cape Hatteras
March 12, 2017, 12:25:59 PM
Thanks so much! We are very impressed with it and have had no real problems. After looking at the "competition " at an rv show a few weeks ago, we like it even more. Some of the manufacturers look like they use old pallets to make the bed and cabinet framework.

We have not camped without hookups but undoubtedly will at some point. We did so several times in our old camper which was an Aliner which had similar amenities.

We just booked Cape Hatteras again for April 1st weekend as we didn't get chance to finish seeing everything.

Happy camping!
Upgrades and Modifications / Docking lights
February 25, 2017, 07:11:52 PM
So I just added some docking lights to the underside of my 2017 21bhs. I have to reverse over a small bridge when backing in to my driveway and can never see where the wheels are going. Also, I inevitably arrive at camp sites at night, especially in the winter and have the same issue of not being able to see where my wheels are going.
I mounted 18" led strip on the underside of the outermost frame rails, just behind the wheels and ran the power to the reverse terminal (unused) in the trailer junction box. No additional relay needed due to the low draw.
I then wanted a way to activate them when disconnected so I can see the sewer connection when dark, if needed. I mounted another "vehicle side" 7 pin connector on the tongue with the power and reverse Circuits bridged through a switch. When my trailer harness is plugged in, the connector is safely stored and I can switch the led strip on and off.
I highly doubt you will need one. I thought I would on our Lexus gx470  but the dealer said I probably wouldn't and they were right! They sell them so I trust their advice.
Get Together / Rv show in Raleigh NC Feb 24th - 26th
February 22, 2017, 07:08:12 PM
Here's the link.

D&H rv from Apex NC look to have several LL'S at the show judging by their Facebook page.