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We take our three kids camping in our 10.0.  We soon realized there isn't enough storage for 5 people that each have luggage.  We usually camp at state parks or KOA campgrounds and all have a picnic table already, so we didn't see any reason for the table and benches that come with the camper.  So, for our last trip we went to the Florida keys for two weeks and left the table and benches at home. Instead we brought two plastic storage shelves to set up during our stay. Wow! So much storage space now! Everyone had their own shelf for their luggage and misc items. One shelf for the kids TV/DVD player. Another shelf for beach snorkel stuff.
We improved the A/C circulation in our 10.0 by hanging two box fans pointing in opposite directions, moving the air in a continuous circle.  I used double sided velcro to hang the fans from the ceiling tube frames. When folding up the camper, the fans fit nicely in front of the air conditioner. I currently duct tape a piece of cardboard to direct the air flow in an upwards direction from the A/C unit to get the cold air up to the box fans. I need to upgrade the cardboard with durable plastic.
We use queen size air mattresses under the foam great!