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Finding a solution to that same problem is also on my to-do list.

Are you using the full size 20" fans or something smaller?  I'd love to see a couple pics of your setup.
General Q & A / Re: Snap replacemsnt
June 23, 2017, 11:11:54 PM
I purchased one of these and have successfully repaired 4 snaps on the cover that the dealer messed up because they weren't careful.  The tool came with exact replacements of the original snaps.
This is my first season camping with a QS 10.0 and I'm having the same issue.
I don't follow exactly how to use the pool noodle idea.  The front of the toneau cover (nearest the vehicle) doesn't have snaps.  Is the idea to put the pool noodle in between two snaps to allow more air under the cover?