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If LivinLite does go away, and this forum is shut down, you may want to go to:

This web site formed as a spin off of the original independent LivinLite forum and grew after LivinLite took that forum over.  The membership is made up of mainly owners of LivinLite products but there are some areas for other aluminum trailers.  Lots of good information and it would  be worth your time to set up an account there since the future here is so murky.

Just a suggestion.

Keep up with the Latest from Livin' Lite / Where's Dan?
December 05, 2017, 04:10:40 PM
I've heard that Dan is gone.  I know he was considering retiring at some point, so I hope that is the case.

Is anyone from the company taking over for Dan?
What is the plan for the fiberglass Camplites, especially in regards to continuing with the aluminum sided campers.  I've seen on a few message boards, including GoodSam, questions regarding the future of Camplite aluminum trailers since people are noticing the fiberglass sided units.  The general comments assume that this is just a cost cutting change and Camplites will soon be the same as other trailers. 
Is there any documentation about the LED tail lights on my 2013 21BHS? They are made by Optronics but I can't find information showing how to take the cover off and remove them. I have a few rows of LEDs out and I would like to take a look at fixing or replacing the light. I can't figure out how to get the cover off. Thanks.
Can you provide a source for the exterior screws used on the Camplite 21BHS (2013).  I need a few of them, but not sure of their size, and material beofre I try to find them.  I need to ones that hold the armor plating on around the base of the camper (see photo):

I have a 2013 Camplite 21BHS.  I am just curious of it is possible to purchase the solid surface counter tops (including the fold up as well as the dinette table) to replace the laminate tops LivinLite used to sell.  I'm still using contact cement when the original counters delaminate, but am curious in case the future requires a replacement.

If they are available, are they dimensionally the same as the 2013s?

New Members / Signing In
January 05, 2017, 08:16:36 AM
Just signing in from the older forum, which I MUCH preferred.

I'll give this a chance, but will be more active on the

As of now, I am no longer recommending LivinLite.  but will see what direction this forum takes.  I used to feel like a LivinLite salesman on other boards such as GoodSam's RVForum; but that ended a month or so ago.  Perhaps that will change.