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Thanks so much chappy and Mitch!

Yes the fan in the converter stopped working.  Converter is Elixir.  Dear husband will take it out and try and clean fan - if that isn't a fix then we will have to take it in!

Appreciate your taking the time to reply. 

Back to camping.   :D

No smoke.  Husband pulled a fuse to stop squealing so we could sleep. He cut power from battery this morning when squealing wouldn't stop - we have no power coming into camper now except to by-pass electrical hookup with extension cord to run a fan. 
We got 8 more days out - current system of extension cord from camp electrical box to camper works to run the fan (hot and humid right now) but no reading lights or overhead bed fans. 
Hi all
We are out camping with our 2010 QS10 and converter squealed since last night.  Any advice? Please and thank you. 

Still trying to be a happy camper.