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I am getting ready to head out for the weekend in my QS 6.0.  I have connected the battery and checked the telephone jack plugs - they work.  However, the cigarette lighter has no power.  I replaced the 15A fuse, and even got out my multimeter (for the first time) to test the socket.  No voltage.  I tested the plugs where the socket plugs in.  No voltage.  Any ideas?  I'd love to be able to run a 12V cooler or my USB for cell phone charging.  Thanks in advance! 
Thank you for the insight!  I was discussing this at length with my partner and he seemed to feel that a couple of 2x4s would do the trick if needed, since we're going to established campsites that are likely to already be rather level.  I love the size of the 6.0, it's really perfect for us. 
I have a "new-to'me" QS 6.0, heading out for our first adventure in a couple of weeks.  I am curious regarding leveling the camper, I read about the BAL leveler and the BAL wheel chock, and that looks fine to order - but what about leveling the bunk section when that is extended - wouldn't the U shaped support get torqued as well?  I'm curious what other 6.0 owners have found.  We plan to camp in RV parks, I expect the sites will be somewhat level - but one never knows?  Thanks for any input  8)
I use 2 inch memory foam, roll it up and store on the floor as well, much improvement!  Sleep tight!  8)
Just got my 6.0 gently used, noted the supports are bent like this too... was wondering about taking them off and trying to straighten them out.  Only one is bent, but it makes me a little insecure, I'd hate to have it fail.  I will investigate removing them as directed above... perhaps others have had similar experience in fixing theirs??  ???
We had some 2 inch solid foam insulation that cut to size in between the foldout legs, this took up the space nicely.  No more pooling water when it rains!