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General Q & A / Re: Towing w/ Full Fresh Water Tank (14DBS)
« on: June 23, 2019, 03:10:53 PM »
The tank supports are a design weakness. especially if the supports were not welded or installed carefully.    On my 14DB, the supports are not bent and are attached firmly to the trailer frame with three screws on each side of the support.  However, I have seen pictures on forum posts where the welds are bad or the supports are not firmly attached.  On some of the platinum camplites with the enclosed bottom, they only attached the supports with two screws on each side.   Because my supports look solid, I regularly tow long distances on unpaved roads with a full tank of water and have not had any major issues. The large tank was one of the reasons I bought a camplite.     

Just to be safe,  I check the supports after each trip just to make sure they look good and drive gingerly over cattle guards, potholes, and curb cuts.  Once, I noticed a screw was a little loose, so I taped a new hole to add a stronger bolt and lock washer. 

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