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Title: Bed support poles & other parts
Post by: Fallonp on April 14, 2019, 05:10:47 PM
Our bed support poles have been bent and canít seem to bend back without compromise. How do we reorder? If not direct, can you provide a listing of dealers in the New England/ northeast area. Also looking to replace a side reflector and if possible the tent itself.  Or atleast a few zippers on the tent. (Basically it needs an overhaul from light use).
Title: Re: Bed support poles & other parts
Post by: Johnc on April 22, 2019, 05:45:05 PM
Itís been a while since I have been on here and just seeing your post. Livin Lite is no longer making these campers so your best bet is to try and replace the poles on your own. Check with a metal fabrication shop or a metal supplier. The tent manufacturer is Top Stitch Upholstery in I believe Elkhart, In.
Title: Re: Bed support poles & other parts
Post by: downeaster on April 28, 2019, 04:50:22 PM
I had to order a new tent last summer (2018) due to a major mold issue on our 2012 XLP 14. I had a pretty good experience with Top Stitch, though understand, they are small, and somewhat slow to respond. I ended up calling and speaking directly to the production manager to order. It took about 6 weeks.

As for your supports, you can order or purchase locally some square aluminum tubing, cut to length, and add your hardware. Also, most good hardware stores will have all the parts you need.

We love our camper, but extremely pissed and disappointed with the lack of support from the manufacturer, especially when it comes to parts. Livin'Lite has totally lost us as a future customer. When we can no longer find parts, it will be turned into a utility/snowmobile trailer.
Title: Re: Bed support poles & other parts
Post by: Johnc on June 10, 2019, 06:05:37 PM
Dwneaster, I know your frustration with LL. I searched for a very long time and was delayed by a divorce, before I got my 2009 QS 10.0. After just two trips with our camper we decided upon seeing a larger Camplite that we would eventually upgrade to the larger model only for them to go out of business. As for parts and stuff there are people out there making some smaller parts. Look for the Livin Lite Quicksilver owners group on Facebook if you are on there