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Starting to figure this out. Reese (and probably some other companies) makes a "pole tongue" adapter. This is metal adapter that mounts on the "pole" part of the tongue and provides a place for the WDH to attach mimicking what a full A-frame would do.

Reese WDHs want to have this adapter provide a mounting surface that is 50 degrees from the center pole (50 degrees on both sides of the center pole) and that is around 27-28 or so inches from the center of the coupler.

The problem with my CampLite setup is that the A-frame starts at 24 inches back from the center of the coupler. This may mean that I have to fabricate my own pole tongue adapter. Any ideas welcome : )

I've got a 2013 Livin-Lite CampLite 16DB travel trailer. Several places have told me that because of the campers extended tongue (not a simple A-frame) that I cannot attach a WDH.

I've tried to attach a picture showing how the support for the tongue extends past the A part of the frame. In the picture is a ruler that shows that it is about 2ft from the center of where the ball would be to where the A-frame begins. However, I keep getting a server error regarding the 3 MB picture : (

Does anyone have a recommendation for a WDH that will work with this setup? Or am I out of luck? I realize that I may have to move around some of the things that are attached to frame.

Has anyone else run into this?

Thanks in advance,

PS. My tow vehicle is a 2017 Chevrolet Colorado 4x4