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Hello from Wisconsin!
None of the running lights on my toy hauler are working, except one over the driver's side wheel well.  There's nothing wrong with the truck wiring, we hooked 2 different trucks up and the result was the same.  Is there a wiring diagram available for a 2018 8x26FB Quicksilver toy hauler? Thanks for any info you can provide.

I have a 2018 Quicksilver 8526.  Several of the supports for the fresh water tank were not fastened on one end at the factory, I discovered the problem last fall during winterization and while putting spray foam in some wiring holes/tubes to keep mice out.  The wheel wells were not sealed at the factory either, so if I tow it in the rain there are streams of water on my floor inside.  The bedroom mirror fell off the wall and broke.  The support for the black/gray drain pipe broke...I have tried to reach Sharrita Carpenter at KZ but my calls and emails remain unanswered.  Will KZ dealers do the repairs? Who can I contact to get results?  I love the trailer, have used it a lot, but wish I'd been told when I bought it that there would be no warranty.  The dealer I bought it from is over 300 miles away.  A dealer nearby said they'll only work on Livin Lite products they've sold.