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Thanks for the reply, You must have tank monitoring system, I don't have that option on my tanks.

I had leaks on my 21 BHS. I used black silicone sealer to seal up seams around the wheel wells. I jacked up the trailer at frame, removed the wheels to get good access  (Note Dexter Axles manual states Do Not put a Jack on the axles or axle steel mounting plates, use the frame). I used a bright drop light  to see around wheel well. I put slick style LED work light inside the cabinet next to wheel well and floor to see if I showed any gaps in floor and wheel wells.   I also spray a type of rubber sealant from HD over the seams after silicone dried.  I haven't had any issues after doing mine. 

Product Questions and Recommendations / Re: Bent Couplers
« on: May 08, 2017, 10:30:02 AM »
Dan Posted: There were very few reports of actual bent couplers. To my knowledge it was limited to a few of the first 21ft units that had 5000lb. capacity couplers.
If you have a unit with a bent coupler, you should of course take it to your dealer for service as the coupler should be replaced.

I have 5000# coupler with over 6000 miles towed and no problems. Is it highly recommended that side bolts be installed? What size diameter bolts are being used example Grade 8 5/16"?  I can purchase them at my local store, just wondering what size.

The newer 21BHS overall weight is a little heavier than older models, what capacity # coupler is being used?

I have a 2014 21 BHS and haven't looked into capacity of Grey water tank and venting issue that I read some time ago. Did you do 5 gallon bucket fill to see what your grey water tank capacity was before it backed up into kitchen sink as that's what ours does when we know it's full? How difficult was it to get the tank back up into place and pipes fitted  into the tank holes? Just wondering how you did it.
Thanks, Peter

Upgrades and Modifications / Re: Attaching camera to roof
« on: March 04, 2017, 11:22:12 AM »
Depending on what type of mounting bracket you could unscrew the metal trim band screws and use the same screw or slightly longer one to screw it down to trim band. 3M makes an  Automotive double sided adhesive tape that might work if you have a flat area to stick the mount too. They make different hold strengths dependent on weight of the item being stuck down. You can use dental floss pulled in a sawing motion between the mount and double sided tape to remove the mount if you need to remove it in the future. Then use Goo Gone to clean off the adhesive glue.

Product Questions and Recommendations / Re: Solid Surface Counters
« on: February 24, 2017, 11:29:05 AM »
Dan, Thanks for the advise. We like the original Formica / Foam core counter top because it's lite and it has held up fine.  My de-lamination of the Formica after two years of use was probably from the base heat off the black and decker coffee pot. The heat probably effected the glue.   My experience with contact cement is surface prep, the right amount of glue on both surfaces for a good bond. But over time adhesion de-lamination problems happen.  It's time to fix it until it gets to a point of needing to order a new counter top.

Will LL continue to offer replacement  Formica / Foam core counters in next year or two?

Product Questions and Recommendations / Re: Solid Surface Counters
« on: February 23, 2017, 06:51:33 PM »
I'm going to fix mine for now, and look at few places to see what's available and cost. I found, American Stone Cast and Corian by Dupont. I'm pretty sure it's Lama-light, which supplies the RV and Marine MFR only. Lama-light material weight comparison is listed under Product Info, and shows how much weight for panel.  It looks like the same base material, looking at the installation procedures of the company adding American Stone Cast sink.American Stone Cast is another MFR.   

Hello Dan, this might be a helpful video to add to your slide out post. I had this happen to my 2014 21BHS.

Product Questions and Recommendations / Re: Solid Surface Counters
« on: February 23, 2017, 11:58:29 AM »
djsamuel, how did your solid counter top replacement go? I'm having the same problem with the laminate counter top popped up on the left side of sink, on my 2014 21 BHS. I was thinking of changing the size of the sink and replacing the counter top at the same time, with a solid counter top material. If you have any advise on material and how you did it is appreciated. 

Upgrades and Modifications / Re: CH751 security upgrade
« on: January 22, 2017, 11:06:29 AM »
Another lock set replacement are made by Industrial Lock and Hardware. TCL 1 1/8" - CP Tubular cam lock, I purchased them for 21 BHS.

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