Refridgerator Fan Noise

Started by axxessbubba04, December 09, 2019, 07:52:52 PM

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So, is it just me or does the fan on the fridge make a lot more noise that it needs to?
I have a little battery op fan for cooling my carcass on a hot night in the trailer that makes next to no sound at all.

Why must the fridge fan put up so much sound?  Anyone else annoyed by this and is there a replacement of better quality?

I'm in a 2015 Axxess 22' toy hauler.


Sounds like a bad fan. I can't hear mine.



My belief is that the panel at the top endures that air flow from below is more completely directed up and over the cooling fins. Without it, the flow would be less forceful at the upper end of the large opening, where the fins are located.

I think the two fan solutions are actually for two different problems. Exterior fans improve the gross functioning of the cooling system. Internal fans improve the effect of that cooling as it applies to refrigerator contents at all locations inside. They compensate for airflow obstruction caused by that big milk jug, the crammed-in Tupperware, etc.