Spare tire for 2015 Quicksilver 8.0 with off-road tires

Started by [email protected], August 31, 2019, 02:51:18 PM

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[email protected]

As I am going over the new camper, checking things out, I have come up with another question.  My camper has the 15" off-road tires, but the spare is a smaller tire.  From reading various posts, it sounds like the off-road tires would not fit in the spare tire location for older campers, so a smaller spare had to be installed underneath the trailer.  Is the smaller spare still usable in the event of a flat tire on one of the 15" tires?  I'm guessing that the camper would just sit tilted to one side, but I am curious if there is a reason to attempt to install a full size spare tire.