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Sleeping in camper overhead bed while camper is on jacks


Suzy Que:
Does anyone know if this is safe to sleep in the overhead bed while camper is up on the jacks?   We have an 8.6

Been sleeping in our 6.8 on lowered jacks parked truck under overhang with a 4x4 to catch if it moved, on grass with 4x4,s under pad no problems minimal movement while moving around inside, donít foresee any problems

Wife and I do it in our 11.0S, no bouncing in or on bed!😎

lyman guy:
We have a 2013 Camplite 10'. There is no problem sleeping in cabover on jacks, wiggles a little, but no biggie. Just keeping the camper low on the ground is the way to go and make sure jacks are all fairly even in taking the weight.


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