Our First Travel Trailer!

Started by sjhiam, February 06, 2017, 01:19:25 PM

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We're not new to camping, but we're new to travel trailers.  We just purchased a Camplite 16tbs, and can't wait for the snow to melt so we can get started with camping season!
Sandy - Spokane, WA


Congratulations! We just bought a 16TBS too and haven't used it yet. It was an upgrade from a 13 foot LL that was bare bones. Can't wait to get this out and have some reservations and plans already made.


Welcome Newbie from a Newbie too... to travel trailer camping.
Looking to set up some reservations locally too to get started and some experience under the belt in our
new 16DBS. 
Glad there are alot of folks out there willing to share ideas with.
Rob & Judi
Northeastern Pennsylvania
16 DBS
Toyota FJ Cruiser