16 TBS Camplite storage compartment switch

Started by aspenpath, January 08, 2019, 01:52:07 PM

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Can anyone that owns a 16 TBS Camplite tell us what the black switch in the storage compartment (between the light and kill switch) is supposed to control?
Ours wasn't wired to anything.


I have a 21RBS and I have the same switch. At the dealer when I picked up the trailer I had the same question as I could not figure out what the switch did. It turns out it controls an amber light under the door that illuminates the steps of the trailer.


Thank you! 
Very weird to put a switch to front door steps in the rear storage compartment.
I wonder if its a cluster f*@, mine went to nothing (per the repair people, there were no wires connected) and yours to a light at the other end of the trailer.


Definitely poor design. Any outside lights should be in the main cabin.

And why would you install a switch and run no wires to it? Prefabbed?


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I wonder if the factory folks read our comets !
I own a 14 dbs that the PC board for the hotwater heater burnt out 7 days after 1year warranty I contracted Joe Miller , warranty admin. He got back quick and has ask for the part to be returned and they will pay for the shipping. Ok Thanks , but haven't heard from Joe since. Im sure he is busy , but  I would like to hear something .
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I actually moved that step light switch- it can get accidently turned on by contents in the compartment bumping it on rough roads.  Bad design.  Should have never been put there in the first place.

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ADR - Did you create a new switch near the door inside, or just connect it to an existing switch. I'm with you on the design....the things that make you go hmmmmmmm🤔
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I just moved it up and more in the corner of the storage compartment.


Do I have stage lights !? Why didn't anyone tell me about this? I was already thinking of dismantling this switch because I could not understand why it was needed :)


The black switch in the compartment of the Camplite 16 TBS light, located between the light switch and the off switch, is not wired together to control a specific function. In some cases, the house of hazards may not be connected to anything at all. It's possible that this switch is designed for an optional feature not available on your particular model, or it could be pre-wired for an aftermarket accessory that you can add later.