No sound from speakers

Started by TER, June 10, 2019, 02:06:56 PM

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I recently purchased a 2014 6X15. The stereo and TV turn on but there is no sound coming from the speakers. Is there a button to turn on the speakers? If not, any other common problems with the speakers/stereo? Thanks.


The TV should have sound coming from it. If not, going into the menu settings and check to see if something is turned off. On mine TV sound only comes from TV, it doesn't go through the radio.
On the radio, mine has no buttons to turn speakers on or off. Only a standard car radio. Check to make sure balance and fade are in the middle and see if it works. If not, try a new speaker to see if that's the issue. They do go bad. Probably have to go to a boat dealer for outside ones, I think they are marine grade.