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Towing w/ Full Fresh Water Tank (14DBS)

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I love my Camp Lite 14DBS but have so far only filled up the fresh water tank upon arriving at the campground. The fresh water tank (?26 Gallons??) seems to be held in place by three aluminum 'straps' that go across bottom of the tank and are screwed into the frame. I was worried about the stress on those straps and screws at 65mph and the full weight (216 lbs) of the water.

What do other Camp Lite owners do? Do you tow your camper with full water tanks?

I try to travel with the water tanks 1/4 full or less and fill up at the campground. It probably can take the weight of a full tank, but.....


I know of two people that had strap failures so I wouldn't risk it.  I had my straps reinforced and only put about 5 to 8 gallons in for travel. Better safe then sorry.

Thank you Mitch and David for the responses. I'm going to follow your advice and go with 1/4 full [7 gallons yields 58lbs (8.3lbs/gallon)] so we have some water for washing or a bathroom emergency. Those straps do seem rather suspect for the stress of travel.

Are the 14's just straps?
My 16TBS has 3 roughly 1x2 aluminum rectangle tubes supporting the fresh water tank. 


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