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Bumper reinforcement question

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Have a 2018 CL16BHB and want to reinforce the rear bumper per earlier recommendations in order to install a Swagman 2-bike carrier rated for e-bikes. Problem is, per pictures, there is exactly only two inches  of clearance between the installed rear bumper and the rear of the trailer, not enough to weld another two inch aluminum tube and a clamp-on receiver hitch that others have done with earlier models. What other options might I have?

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Let me give you some generic advice as your LL doesn't look like the ones that were strengthened on the aluminumcamperforums site. Also those may be in the archives section of that site which is the old LL website before Thor took it back.

As you note you can't just weld a new 2" tube on the aft side of the existing one, you need to weld a new one inside of the old one (with skip beads) and also weld it to the fore and aft strut to strengthen that joint. It looks like there should just be enough room to slip in a 2" tube in that space.

Then look where the fore/aft strut attaches to the frame. It may need to be strengthened with gussets or similar reinforcement.


There is exactly 2 of clearance, no more. Not enough to subsequently attach a receiver.

Again I am flying blind here and depending on your pics because your CL is different from mine. I now understand your problem- as much how to install the receiver than reinforce he bumper.

Is it possible to weld in a 2" member between the bumper and the transverse structural member in front of it?
Once you do that the bumper should be strong enough to take the bike rack. It looks like you will need to drill through the new middle section so that the bike rack bolts will go through. If you also weld an 1/8" aluminum doubler plate about 6" long, that should accommodate the clamping forces.

Is this the clamp on receiver that your were thinking of (not the rack as it is only good for 35 lbs):



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