hello from San Jose

Started by tincan, March 29, 2019, 01:17:19 PM

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Hi all I just purchased a Ford branded 8.4S
It's nice, we plan on camping all over california with it and some BLM lands too.
Anyway it "says" Solar ready, and shows a picture of a plug.
I can't find it anywhere. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance,


Welcome to the site!  The finish on ford branded models is nice. I have the Ford Toy Hauler and have had no issues with it. Everywhere I go people have to ask about it. The front cap with window makes it unique and nice to be able to look out of. Mine did not come with the solar ready plug. Its only to plug in a polar panel to charge your battery.


Yeah I've had 2 people ask me if I work for Ford!
Thanks, after reading a bunch of posts I've come to the conclusion that I'll have to make my own solar rig for this camper.
Too bad they're no longer made. It's one sharp looking rig!

Thanks again!