fuse holder broken

Started by Sarge5706, March 28, 2019, 07:35:29 PM

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New to forum and this might have been covered somewhere already but....I have a Quicksilver 8.0 and I have snapped off one of the clips that holds the 30amp fuse in place.  IMO it is a poor design.  Has anyone else had this problem and if so how did you rectify or fix it.  Thank you in advance


Newbie, I'm sure you have a meaningful comment to make.  But if your comments are not in English, few people will understand them.


Pretty sure I typed it in English.  If you did not understand what I was saying, perhaps you should ask for clarification or work on your comprehension skills.


Not sure how my comment got placed below your question but it has been.  I was actually commenting on an entry that was in a foreign language and wasnt about your question.  Apologies anyway, though not aimed at you.


You should be turning off the breaker at the pedestal before plugging in or disconnecting. People have been badly vidmate shocked doing it with the breaker on and it appears you are getting a surge when you are doing it causing your problem.


I have no idea how my reply ended up below your query, but there you have it.  Actually, my previous comment wasn't even related to your subject; it was on a post written in a foreign language.  Sorry, but it wasn't meant for you.  wordle today


You're already on the right track by asking about your issue in online forums or communities dedicated to Quicksilver boats or marine electronics. Other owners who have faced similar Spend Elon Musk Money problems may share their experiences and solutions.