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We purchased a used 2013 RBS camplite trailer.  The previous owner put jb weld for aluminum on a small indent on the exterior skin of the entrance door.  We have noticed that the surrounding area has bubbled out.  Does anyone know how to repair and prevent any further damage?  Thank you Dale Grimm

I have a 2012 Camplite and the exterior door has the same problem, it is bubbling up like if the insulation chemically reacted with something (?). I am sure this is coming from inside the door (insulation). I wonder if I need a new door.
If anyone out there knows what to do or how to order a new door please let us know.

I would doubt that the insulation caused the bubbling. It is pretty inert polystyrene, but maybe glue or something else caused it.

But typically aluminum that isn't prepped right before painting will do this. The bare aluminum needs to be primed with an etching primer like Alodine before painting with the finish coat.

You can patch an area that is bubbling by sanding the area down to bare aluminum, priming with Alodine or similar and then finish coating with a can of matching spray paint. It may not match exactly but will be better than the bubbling area.


I started to get some bubbling on the door of my 2013 21BHS.  There was water draining from inside the door, so I knew moisture was getting in.  I removed the window, and resealed the glass.  No additional bubbling since.

I found that the doors were made by a company called "Challenger Doors" in Indiana. I found the label on one side of the door. I found their website and we can order a door directly to them. But before I do that, i want to try to repair it myself -based on the previous advice. Please take a look at the pictures attached.


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