Exterior panels pitting, bubbling, rotting

Started by gapcoffeeguy, February 03, 2021, 03:40:56 PM

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I have a VRV - livin Lite.. toy hauler - with the laminated aluminum panels.   This trailer is less than 10 years old.   We have a lot of rot and bubbling on the surface.  The loading ramp and entry door is deteriorating terribly.    Is there a way to repair or replace?  If yes, why and by who?  Warrantee?

We are a bit pissed about it all, the whole reason we bought the aluminum trailer is to avoid the problems other travel trailers experience.   


All of the exterior doors were made by Challenger door. They have some wood on the inside and get moisture in there. Then they start to corrode from the inside out.
Warranty- nope
Replacement-Contact Challenger Door. There should be a white label on every door. It will let them know the correct size, color, etc.
Price- I paid $550 for a new entry door with screen and new locks. That included tax and shipping in 2020. Obviously shipping will depend on where you live. I would think the ramp door could get send, but they will be able to tell you.
You would either need to replace them yourself or have an RV shop do the work. Entry door wasn't too bad, haven't tried a ramp door yet.


The paint would appear worn, bubbling or peeling and the wood would sometime be rotting. Ironically, the surrounding wood and paint on the fascia world of mario