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Started by Riotanga, May 11, 2017, 04:48:45 PM

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Is there anyway that we can get all the information from the old Forum on here? There was so much good information and a lot of it I did not print out because I knew it was there archived


The situation is a little complicated, but this is how I understand it:

Livin Lite provided funding and the domain name for the old forum. But it was administered independently and that administration owned the rights to all of the posts that were made there.

As the old forum was about to expire, a new forum was established- aluminiumcamperforum.com. It was funded and administered independently of the LL organization. When the old forum ceased to exists (for reasons I won't begin to explain) the administrators of the old forum allowed aluminiumcamperforum.com to post an archive of all postings and pictures that were made to the old forum.

So, all of those postings are available for searching on the aluminiumcamperforum site. They are unlikely to be made available here.

Did I get it right?



Mostly... aluminumcamperforum.com was created around the time the original host (proboards) was running out of storage for photos of the growing forum. The storage issue was resolved when LL provided support for the original forum and aluminumcamperforum.com co-existed quietly for a while.

Oh, and don't forget the part where the old domain name isn't even used. Look up at the address bar ^ *livinlite.com*.... the original forum domain (livinlite-owners.com) just redirects here. The two could have still co-existed, but LL probably wanted to use the old traffic to jump start things here. Of course all of that traffic is looking for posts that don't exist here...


Just to clear the air...

You got it right David.  Except for the part about links to the aluminum camper forum.  There are links throughout here linking to the old data on aluminum camper forum.
The old forum data was held hostage and we did not pay the ransom ...even though we paid the bill for the service.  Even if we did.... Services come go and we would still be held hostage by paying what ever they decided to charge that year.  Kind of like cable TV LOL..... Paul and I at Aluminum Camper Forum have a very good relationship and Paul was not the individual who was holding or data hostage. The individual that was gave that data to Paul and that is great cause it is still available.  I also belong to that forum.

In the end they do still do co-exist.

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