Expecting Delivery Soon on 2015 Camplite 21RBS

Started by MrBill, August 11, 2018, 09:14:46 AM

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We are buying our 2015 Camplite 21RBS from someone who lives in Central Florida and stores his camper in Colorado. We met yesterday near Tallahassee to pick up the large cover for the CL, as well as make our down payment. He is traveling to CO, taking the CL out of indoor storage, getting everything checked over by a local RV dealership, installing the battery, de-winterising the unit, and then bringing the CL to the Florida Panhandle sometime around the first of September. So excited. Looking forward to reading the forum posts and contributing as questions arise.  :)


Conratulations! That is probably one of the last of the Scott Tuttle era that was built with an aluminum floor, roof and sides which IMO makes it one of the best. Enjoy!!



Congratulations. I agree with David.

We bought a 2014 model in May for the very same reasons. Wanted all the benefits of the true aluminum construction etc
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Congrats on the new trailer!

For all, some of the 2016's were built in late 2015 still had aluminum roof/sides/floor.  Mine was built in Dec and has vinyl on top on the solid alum floor (my wife greatly prefers the vinyl layer compared to our last LL) but it does add a lot of weight.  We also have the wooden cabinet doors which adds more weight (and can rot) but both my wife and I like the look of the door as well.
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My 21BHS is also a Dec 2015 build and has the aluminum roof and floor. It does have vinyl over the aluminum floor but it looks good and is smooth on the feet. Also have wood cabinet doors but that is it, everything else is the same as the earlier model years.

It was 2017 model year (2016 build dates) that they slowly started moving away from the all aluminum, pretty sure it started with the roof so some 2017's might still have the aluminum floor but I don't know for certain.