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--- Quote from: Dan Miller on January 26, 2017, 01:18:01 PM ---
--- Quote from: abodyjoe on January 26, 2017, 12:55:42 PM ---so if i ordered an awning kit from my local dealer how do i make sure they specify the ideal zipper?

do you have any idea what size ideal zipper was used?  i checked and i do have an ideal awning zipper.

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Let them know the manufacturer of the Tent.  This issue is so new I do not have a part number yet from Top Stitch.  Should have one in the next couple of days and I will post it.  But for now just let them know the manufacturer of the tent.  Or just hold off a couple of days and I will have a PN for you.

Update:  I just spoke with Top Stitch.  You may call Top Stitch directly and let them know you have a Veada tent and need an awning to match.  You can order it directly through them.  Ask for Candy 330=972-7745

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phone number is wrong...       574-293-6633 is the number i used and talked to candy..

she had me email her and she will contact Veada to see what zipper they used and get back to me..

As new owner of a 2011 Quick Silver 10 I ordered an awning and picked up Saturday, after finding and reading this post today I rushed home and tried them the zippers match.  But that brings up a new dilemma how to install the awning at a campground.  I used a latter that I had at home in the driveway.  can I leave the awning zipped on when I fold the tent in? This would seem to the easiest thing to do.


maybe pack a little foldable step ladder?     that zipper is high when the tent is up..

just for an update...     

i called top stitch and bought an awning directly from them..   has an ideal zipper and all..   cost me $120 including shipping..   bought poles from cabellas for $12 each..     

top stitch has a new web site with a "contact us" on it..    http://www.topstitch-inc.com/

Anyone have photos of the awning or awning room? The website is not very helpful and seems to have little if any photos of these campers outfitted with the available options. Perhaps a section which describes the available options along with photos of said option on each trailer would be good.


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