mods to bed in 21bhs?

Started by jandi, April 01, 2018, 11:18:33 AM

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Hello All,
            We have a 2014 21BHS, and were wondering if anyone has tried to modify the queen bed into a Murphy bed type . We have seen similar Ideas in other brands , and like the idea of the extra space it gives you when not sleeping. Any ideas or suggestions would be welcome ! Enjoy the season , It's almost here !!


I am interested in this option as well, but I sure don't want to give up that 60x80" mattress!


Have not done anything definite yet , but there is a mattress co. that will make a hinged mattress so you could fold the bottom half of the mattress forward and not lose the size. I was thinking I could then make some type of backrest on the lid of the storage area, add some cushions and use it as a seating area. The co. is called mattress insider. Let me know if you have any other ideas. Thanks


Hello again,
               I finally did it ! I came up with a design that I can quickly and easily attach to the bottom half of the bed platform, found a company that sells tri- fold mattress's and now I have a couch at the bottom of the bed platform that I can set up and dismantle in minutes and did not lose any storage space. It took some aluminum fabrication, a few new cushions, and a new mattress but if we have a few extra people on board no one has to be sitting on our mattress. If anybody is really interested I can try to post some pictures. I'll let you know how the new mattress and our new seating arrangement work out, we are on the road for two weeks starting 7/11 it should be a good test ! Enjoy the summer !!!!!!