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Finding a short in the electrical system


Hello!  I'm new to this forum.  I have a livinlite 10.0 camper.  When I plug the camper in to a GFCI power source, the circuit trips off.  The power cord to the external plug is fine, it only trips when I plug the female end into the camper.  I tried shutting off both circuit breakers (15 amp and 20 amp) and pulling out the three 15 amp circuit plugs, and the circuit still trips.  Any ideas?

So with everything unplugged from the outlets it trips. Then with all circuit breakers turned off it still trips. That means you have a fault (a short or partial connection between two wires) from the neutral to the ground or a partial connection from the hot to the ground. It doesn't take much, like less than 20 ma of current to trip a GFCI.

And it isn't easy for an amateur to diagnose the problem other than the simple tests you have made. I would get an RV electrician to find the problem and correct it.



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