Wiring problems to battery

Started by jaz4x4man, July 23, 2018, 06:11:51 PM

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I have 2013 Camplite truck camper.  Whenever the camper is connected to 30amp power the battery overcharges.  Does this unit have a built in charge controller somewhere?
Also when I have the camper wired to my truck (1996 Dodge), the battery does not charge so my refrigerator runs the battery down in about 2 hours.
Any suggestions on where to start my wiring search?


First off, 12V power is a very poor choice to run the refrigerator with. It pulls a lot of current and as you note, runs the batteries down fast. Use LPG instead.

Your TV may not be charging due to the lack of a fuse to enable it. Many new TVs come with no fuse in that spot. Look for a 30 amp fuse that enables TV charging somewhere in your TV's fuse block.

How do you know that shore power is over charging your batteries? Are they boiling water, getting hot or what other symptom are you seeing?



I agree about the 12v refrigerator.  Completely useless.  Kills the entire battery charge in just a couple of hours.