Considering Making upgrades for QS Trailers

Started by nikbrewer, June 26, 2018, 09:41:08 PM

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OK, Need some more feedback from everyone. I am going to try to move forward with my idea to have a store that sells replacement parts and upgrades for the QS trailers. Here is what i am thinking so far. Please tell me if you are interested or think there is even a market for these items. Since all these will be small batch or custom made, prices will not be super cheap. Then again, our trailers are not cheaply made.

Also, in regards to upgrades. We have a Pre Thor QS 10.0 These trailers are built for extreme light weight. However, in these early trailers, i find this was almost taken to an extreme. Out interior is very bland, and the white FRP for the interior panels is a little stark. I noticed the later ones at least use some color to the interior paneling. With that said, most the upgrades i am considering will add some weight, but are designed to add a little more high end feel to the trailer.

Anyway, back to the parts / upgrades i have in mind

1. Spread bar hook ends - A few people requested these and i am actually working on some, hope to have them in about 1 week.

2. Custom interior - This would include seat cushion covers, curtains, and loose fabric for the bench. Covered benched could be supplied on a core charge basis. Basically i ship you one, and you would get a core charge back if you mail me yours.

3. Upgraded counter top / tabletop / sink - This is the one item i am looking forward most to do on my trailer. I am wanting to replace the flimsy table top and counter top with something better, and wit a higher end RV sink. I am looking to use the nice stainless steel sinks with the glass cover you see in some small motor homes. For counter tops, i am considering multiple materials.
A. Baltic birch plywood - Thais a very durable, stable plywood that can be clear coated for a modern look, or stained to add color. I would plan on using a bar top finish to add durability
B. Bamboo Ply - This would have the highest end look. It would basically be the same material you see bamboo cutting boards made out off. Lighter weight as well, but would have a satin finish that would not be as thick, so possibly less durable, but still naturally very hard, like a cutting board. Both these could even have a recess routed in to hold a plastic cutting board.
C. HDPE cutting board material. This is the pebble finish white or black plastic you see cutting boards made from. Very durable, rot free, but will be the heaviest.

4. Replacement tops for the table and the exterior table - this would be the same materials as the counter top

5. Exterior table kit - for people who do not have the table, it would include a top, track, and leg to add it.

6. AC ADD/ Upgrade kit. This would require some DIY skills on the end user. I know some trailers did not include AC, or some people want to upgrade to a larger unit. I am unsure of all the opening sizes used, but yo add my 8000 btu + heat i had to make the opening about 1" taller. This required removing the interior panel, some cutting, new aluminium, ect. This kit would try to simplify this. It would be the following:
a. Welded opining frame. Instead of 4 separate mitered aluminium piece, this would be a welded aluminium frame to make installing easier.
b. New door. TO aid in matching, instead of this door being painted, i thin kit would be a sold piece of Bright tread to match the lower trim.
c. Larger sled for AC to slide one. Stronger and longer to allow a larger AC unit to slide out.
d. New internal cross member . You have to cut out 1 cross member above the AC opening to make the opening larger. This would be a replacement one with brackets so it can be screwed back into place at the higher location.

7. Replacement bulk head for 10.0. This is what goes between the galley and holds the bench in place. Outs is coming delaminated and looks ugly. I am imagining using the same materials as the counter tops.

What other custom items would you be interested in?

What other parts are you having issues locating?

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