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Ok, I have been working on a tonneau cover solution since so many people have has issues getting one

I have found the same material. It's used in making commercial awnings and tents. The only issue is it comes in 61" width.

I will be building the covers in house. The will have a single seam lengthwise that will be both sewn and glued. This is the same method they use on the large tents and will be water proof.

Some improvements over the original we are making are folded corners. This puts more material at the corners and removes the corner seam which is a single point of failure. The other improvement is we are glueing an extra layer where the brackets rub the cover. This should increase durability.

All covers will come with loose snaps and an installation tool

I need at least 5 people on the group buy to get the material.

Cost is $200 for 6.0, $215 for 8.0 and 8.1 and $230 for 10.0

Shipping is extra. Hope to have prototype next week. Just gauging interest right now

Also, this stuff in available in tons of colors, but the pricing is for grey or black. If you want something else, like green or red, just contact me and I can price that separate.

Here are some pics of the materials and test fit. I built the corner inside out so all the layers can be seen.

I may be interested esp if u already do the snaps...
I just phoned a dealer near me in NC and he is checking to see if he can get and said they get from a third party retailer.
I had seen others talking about having to install the snaps...uh...donít want to mess it up by even remotely attempting that
Mine is a 10.0
Dealer says may be around 175 just FYI
Let me know what u end up with

No way to do the snaps here, as the layout on the trailers is not very uniform.  If it fit my trailer, there is no way to know if it will fit yours.   

Most dealers cant or wont try to get these.  The few people i have seen that did get them were around $250.  I have seem people have them made that cost up to $400. 

One option would be to drop off the trailer and the cover at a boat upholstery shop to have the snaps installed.


 Local dealer wanted 318 plus 40 some for snaps and then tax and then shipping...thanks I will pass
I live in a lake area so a local canvas/boat shop is doing a custom with snaps for 200-300.  They have it now to custom fit...better option in my opinion

Others have posted about the sticky residue left behind after the crappy old cover..li have this too...prob going to try goo be gone to remove...think this may be a good option

About the snaps, the suggestion of a boat outfitter is a good one,. Maybe also try an awning company, or an outdoor upholstery supplier. In a pinch, I once had a bootmaker install some heavy duty grommets in some Sunbrella material for a (non-camper-related) project I was working on. Good luck with the venture!


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