ceramic heater??

Started by abodyjoe, January 30, 2017, 11:53:09 AM

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 i have a QS 8.1.  a friend recommended a ceramic heater to take the edge off if it happens to get cool out..    anyone have a recommendation on what size would do the trick?

i won't be out in 30 degree weather (by choice anyway) but say in the mid 40's..

thanks in advance...


I have a 1200 watt one and we actually turned it off after an hour or so because it got hot in our QS6.


I agree, I have used a 1200 ceramic and it was fine into the low 30's. when boondocking, I use a Big Buddy heater that keeps things comfortable into the low 20's.

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any brand/model recommendation?


A company called Pelonis  makes them...check them out on Amazon


Pelonis is the one we used in CGs with electric or a little buddy heater when we did not  have electric. We are former 6.0 owners. Warms that 6.0 right up.  We turned them off while sleeping especially the propane heater.
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thanks guys..  i did pick up a budy heater and small ceramic heater at walmart.. 


the heater in my unit heats it up quickly and nicely...no need to carry any more stuff!


Quote from: abodyjoe on March 09, 2017, 08:36:11 PM
thanks guys..  i did pick up a budy heater and small ceramic heater at walmart..

Those Little Buddys are an awesome heater, I have one myself. Even use it to quickly take the edge off in my home sometimes. Just be prepared with lots of those 1lb propane bottles, it can get thirsty. You can use one of those adapter hoses for a portable bbq to hook it up to a refillable tank if you want longer run times. It gives off a little condensation in the combustion process too.


It is not a good idea to use a large 20 lb propane tank inside a house (or RV) and it is against the fire code. For your RV you could permanently plumb the heater it to the RV's propane system which I think would be legal as the tank is outside.



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