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Suburban HW Heater circuit Module


Has anyone experienced a problem with their Subur ban HW Heater not sparking and perhaps having to replace the Water Heater Circuit PC Module Board 520814 ??  My Heater will not start/light up when using propane  checked, the circuit board and it appears that there is a burnt mark on it, as if a transister went bad.    I see them available on amazon and ebay  but was hoping that Suburban would replace this since is 18 months old, maybe went on 5 camping trips.   It appears more common than we realize with other trailer lines as well.

I agree with the story that is mentioned in this issue.

I had a free replacement module provided to me by Suburban, since it was under the 2 year warranty .   though i did search and found many on ebay and amazon available, that run arouind $75.   But then again, call Suburban first,  they know there has been problems with the module/circuit board and replaced mine with no question.


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