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Sewer hose storage mod


This sewer hose storage mod by Kurt is a big improvement over using a bin or the undersized tube that's standard on the 16TBS.  It's a 5x5" fence post cut down to size, added hinges and eye bolts. 

Don't know why 2 pics are sideways. Opens easily, works nicely.

Those pics are way too big to be easily viewable. You have to scroll sideways and up and down and can never see the whole image at once. Most pics still provide good detail if you reduce them to about 400K size. Yours are five times that size. Plus they use up lots of LL's server space.


That is strange, they were not that big the the first time I looked at them.They are huge now.

Just swapped the tiny tube on my 21RBS with the Valtera 'expandable up to 60" ' version about a half hour ago.  It easily holds the 15' RhinoFLEX hose with elbow. 

Sorry I don't know how that happened.  I deleted them. 


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