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wire problems


We purchased a Livin lite / FORD 8.4s last year. The selling dealer has been less than help full and is not interested in warranty work.

I own a shop and can handle repairs myself.

So heres the issue: No power was run to cab over running lights. when panel over bed was removed I found the 5 running lights were wired together properly but the black/wht wire that should deliver power from truck was not connected and there is no wire.
Is ther any way i could get a wire schematic / diagram showing color wire I should be looking for ?
unit is FORD 8.4s

Biewers on the go:
I would try calling Livin Lite because unfortunately the guy that used to work for them and moderated this forum and helped us all apparently left over the winter or last fall.  The company has changed hands and others issues in the past year or so since I bought my 2017 TC8.4S so I am aware of this. 

Try 1-866-472-5460 and see if Taylor is still there.  Maybe she can help you.  Good luck, id be pretty annoyed wit my dealership if i were you.

Now, may I ask what truck you are loading your camper onto?  Mine is an F-250 3/4 ton diesel and I am having all kinds of problems since I put my gear into my rig.   Empty of everything except propane, I have no problem.  Not really useful to me that way though.



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