Changing my 8.4s TC drain and sewar connections to be external

Started by Biewers on the go, July 17, 2018, 09:16:49 PM

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Biewers on the go

Hi all,  I have a CampLite 8.4s 2017 that has all of the drains inside a compartment underneath the rear camper extension that goes beyond my truck bumper.  INSIDE mind you.  So, even though I have now added drain shut off ball valves to each of the water drains, it is still possible for me to end up with water in this enclosed space that has NO drain plug to release the water with.  Before I got my ball valves all set up tightly with thread tape I kept having leaks that led to my compartment getting about 1/2" of water.
This compartment runs the FULL width of the camper too.  Or water would spray all over in there and the lighting wires and all kinds of other wiring goes through there too! 

Anyhow, I wondered what you thought of my creating external drains from these internal connections, maybe even the grey and black water drains too.  Our old truck campers always had all of them below the lowest point of the camper on the outside and it worked perfectly.  My camper cannot be lowered enough to have any ground interference issues either. 



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