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K Syrah Syrah:
 ??? We are getting ready for the shake down cruise on our new 14DBS. We have had it in our driveway for a few months waiting for the weather to improve. We’ve also been afforded the luxury of getting some fine tuning addressed, such as flipping the window shades, changing the fabric on the valances, adding strategic storage, etc...

Earlier this week I was finally able to de-winterize the coach. When I flushed the shower lines, some water splashed onto the floor, as it does. BUT, it was surprising to see that there wasn’t a bead of caulk at the base of the shower pan, where water could run under the stall. There were also some other seams where the water could easily infiltrate and cause “stank.”

Everything else appears to be functioning well, but the lack of a simple bead of necessary caulk made me tilt my head.

PRO TIP: grab a little tube of silicone caulk to stash in your tool box or junk drawer!

Even better pro tip - do not use silicone!
Reason is once you use it nothing will ever stick there again if it needs redoing. New silicone won't even stick to silicone.   Dang near impossible to remove all traces of it.

K Syrah Syrah:
Mineral spirits should do the trick (be careful testing the finishes, though). If not silicone in a wet area, what do you suggest?


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