Replace Led over bed with 12 volt fan

Started by Cindee, April 07, 2018, 11:32:12 AM

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I have a 2015 14DBS with storage over the bed. I want to replace the led light on the left with a reading light fixture and the led light on the right with a 12 volt fan. I found both at West Marine. Has anyone done this?

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I also have a 14 DBS, but 2018. There is only one light over my bed, and it's a blinding LED! Spouse would love a mini ceiling fan. Me, I love a breeze from the windows, but would make a concession. Pictures are always appreciated! Please share any upgrades featuring this great idea.
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I have Kohree 12 Volt replacement bulb, it's work great. It is because such is the part that tends to melt. It will never be a problem with 921 LED lights because LEDs do not rely on heat to make light. You can even make these lights run for an hour or two, and they will still be cool to touch.


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