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Thoughts on new composite floor
« on: March 22, 2018, 06:52:57 PM »
Now that some folks have had their new 2018 Quicksilvers with the new composite flooring I would like to know what folks think of them.  I understand there was an initial shock and disappointment when the 2018's were delivered with this unannounced change.  However, now that folks have been camping with them I am just curious to see how they are holding up and what are the impressions.

I am looking to get a camper that will last a long time and want to see if I should go with a new 2018 Quicksilver that a dealer has in stock, or try to hold out and find a used one that has the older aluminum floor.
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Re: Thoughts on new composite floor
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2018, 07:28:02 PM »
Ok, let’s get the disclaimer out of the way up front: I was one of the shocked and disappointed early-build 2018 QS10.0 recipients (delivered in June 2017) and successfully petitioned LL to take back the 2018 and replace it with an unsold 2017 model.

In my short experience with the composite floor I observed:

1) it ‘dents’ and tears easily and the top vinyl ‘appearance layer’ is permanently bonded to the thin fiberglass top substrate layer.. no chance of replacing it unless you lay another layer on top.

2) the azdel composite used as sandwich layers for the styrofoam center are not stiff enough to prevent the floor from flexing underfoot when not directly supported by a frame member. Another member here offered his opinion that the azdel and styro layers were not adequately bonded to each other and allowed the separate layers to ‘slip’ when under pressure.

3) neither the azdel or foam will hold a screw for long.. there are reports of walls and sofas coming loose in new composite-floored Camplites.

4) the composite floor in my 2018 Quicksilver 10.0 began sagging on its own taking on permanent deformations in areas where no frame supports existed. I think this was accelerated due to the nearly 100 degree F ambient temps last summer where I reside.

5) the black fabric underlayer which is supposed to protect the floor from road debris tears easily, exposing the friable azdel layer to the elements. My 2018 was delivered with several tears right from the factory.

I’ll leave this admittedly too-long and somewhat biased narrative to say: we absolutely LOVE our ‘all-aluminum’ 2017 QS 10.0.
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Re: Thoughts on new composite floor
« Reply #2 on: April 11, 2018, 05:34:12 PM »
My 2018 6.0 floor is working out great. Remains to be seen about the fasteners for the table but I'm hopeful. The fasteners on the underside holding the cable bundles however are an issue. I've had 2 cable clamps pull out, but everything is still in place. If it becomes a problem I'll just clamp them to the frame.