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Insulating Floor


We are hoping to extend our season in the VRV, and as most probably know in cold weather that floor is cold. We are using rugs and other floor covering, but I am wondering if anyone has explored insulating the floor. I'm thinking of a closed cell spray foam. Whatever the solution, I don't want it to get saturated with water. I'm looking for a durable high quality option. I don't want to just stuff something half baked up there and hope for the best.

Any thoughts from the group?

I have seen some units that users have gone that way.  If you do, you will probably want to stay away from tanks or other areas that may require service at some point.
We also mount the spare tire under the floor.

I used interlocking rubber mats that I got at Sam's Club.  they are available at many places.  they are easy to put down and trim....and insulate the floor very well.  I got the idea from my dealer who did this to another unit.  I use protection from the kickstand......the tires do not make a large mark........they allow me to walk barefoot in the trailer without hesitation......

Fantastic idea about the floormats...I like the idea of insulating the inside and maintaining wash-ability of the underside.


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