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Removing couch from Camplite 16


I'm thinking about removing the couch from my 16 foot camplite.  I was thinking of replacing it with something more comfortable, has anyone done this modification?  any thoughts on what to replace it with?  2 recliners? theatre seats?  Looking for thoughts, and pictures..

I've been looking into replacing my dinette with a sofa as well. I tested a lot of different reclining sofas at the Seattle RV show a couple weeks ago, and nothing came close to the comfort of the Thomas Payne Momentum Theatre Seating recliners. Grand Design uses them in their 2018's. You can get them heated with massagers and lighting too. The lumbar support is great and the footrest actually raises high enough to a comfortable level. To me they were more comfortable than the recliners in the Lance trailers. The footrests in the Lance's don't come up high enough.

You can download the brochure for them here...
and they sell them here...

I'm looking at a dual recliner setup with a center console that will run about $1400 and fit inside my slide. The only setback will be the raised floor in the slide will make the seat really high. I wont notice it when I'm reclined though.

Theres also a cheaper version without the heated seats and massagers here for a couple hundred cheaper...

I went to an rv show in Fredericksburg va today.  I went looking for new recliners to try them out. disappointed, none to try. I was amazed at how many people were there, and how unimpressed I am with the show trailers. 

Iím still looking.  Anybody else replace sofa or dinette?

I just removed the dinette set and replaced with a sofa in a 2018 21rbs.
I had a much bigger project since I also cut the floor of slide out by 9 inches to a total of 35". This you do not need to do.

One problem was getting the new sofa in the camper.
Note, after a little investigation the entire slide can simply be removed if needed, by sliding it out on to a platform (strong saw horses) by removing the stop trim from the inside and the roof awning, then using the slide mechanism to drive it right out side.

However, after scouring the internet and a couple of local furniture store we found a regular chaise lounges/sofa (inexpensive) with perfect dimensions to fit the slide out "box". 76Wx36Dx24H. (legs removed).
The sofa 24" height allowed me to get it in through the door by removing the entire door frame, the rough cutout of the door is exactly 24" with frame removed.
The couch seat is the same height as sitting on the bed which is ~24". This is "tall" for a sofa but that is how it works in these models since the floor of the slide out is raised.
It the raised floor that really constrains your options on what you can put in the space.

This chaise lounge sofa gave us a lot of usable space were someone can sleep on it as well if ever needed and gave us a more "open" feel.
It works great for us but may need be what other want.
So once you move away from trailer/motor home furniture the options are endless.

While I was at it. I cleaned up the bottom kick plate under the slide out floor to have it recessed by 2" inches so your heals don't hit when sitting.


We replaced it with a 58" Double Recliner RV Sofa by RecPro. Very comfortable and matches our furniture.


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